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Proven System

Dan Stall begins every client engagement by asking, “How much do you want to raise?”

Since 1984, Dan Stall’s team of charity auction professionals has enabled their clients to attain and exceed their fundraising goals by leveraging Dan’s time tested system.  This system relies on face to face collaborative communications (aka real reality) to develop strong fundraising committees that are focused on positive results.  

6-9 months before event: Initial planning meetings with fundraising committee chairs and co-chairs should occur six to nine months prior to the event.  The purpose of this meeting is to build the initial project scope and timelines.  It is very important to identify and engage client’s planners and schedule coordinators as soon as possible.  In our experience, a team of twelve or more has proven to be most effective.

Ongoing: Client fundraising chairs and key co-chairs will hold all charity auction team members accountable for their tasks and timelines in their areas of responsibility.   Status reports regarding key milestones and various checklists are maintained by the client in a format provided by Dan Stall.  Dan Stall and his project managers maintain ongoing phone and email communications.

Monthly: Face to face meetings with Dan Stall, chairs, and other team members as needed.  Weekly or more frequent meetings and/or conference calls occur during the last month to address any remaining unresolved challenges.

The Event: Properly planned and executed charity auctions ensure attendees enjoy a memorable event and fundraising organizations attain their financial goals.

Dan continually educates his clients on many ways to cost-effectively raise funds during their charity auction events.  He helps them understand how to leverage various personal networks to obtain auction items – fine art,  collectables, consumer goods, fine dining, event tickets, vacation packages, etc. – that will be of interest for attendees with varied tastes and budgets.

In most cases, Dan’s services pay for themselves.  He donates and conducts a licensed 52 card raffle, provides 4 star and 5 star hotel stays, and trip packages to assist in fundraising efforts.   

Please feel free to call Dan Stall at 248.646.2900 to discuss your charity auction goals.

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