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Michigan Children’s Trust Fund

"As the Fund Development Manager, of the Children’s Trust Fund’s annual Signature Auction Event, I feel confident with Dan Stall on board as our Celebrity Charity Auctioneer.


Dan Stall has been our auctioneer for the Pam Posthumus Signature Auction Event for over fourteen years. His highly skilled team is made up of expert spotters and scribes who are well trained and have been with him as far back as I can recall. This team has been instrumental in assisting our organization raise over a million dollars in live auction sales since 2003.

Dan assists prior to the event and lends his extensive expertise in identifying and building packages for our live auction. Dan also brings unique auction items to the table (Take 6 and Have It Your Way, overnight destinations to exotic locations, and so much more. Dan’s item donations cover more than half of his fee and this year assisted our organization in raising over $15,000 in three 52 Card Raffles (Dan’s specialty).

One comment made this year from our software platform event manager, who witnessed Dan on stage for the first time, says it all “I have worked over 80 auctions, have heard a lot of auctioneers, and yours (Dan Stall) is the best I have ever witnessed!”

— Patricia Headley • Fund Development Manager, Michigan Children’s Trust Fund

New Morning School

"Our school has used Dan Stall as our auctioneer every year since 1986. With his guidance we doubled our auction profit the first year. Since then, because of Dan we have increased our auction profits five-fold. I know that when Dan begins our live auction, I can sit back and relax. His pace is quick and entertaining. He has the skill to quickly escalate the bids from the audience. It is amazing to watch.


Though he may cost more than other auctioneers, it is well worth it. He provides the stage, sound system, and very experienced spotters in the audience. It is full service. Further, he generously donates items to our auction which quickly offset his fees. In fact, one item he donates brings $5,200 each year. I highly recommend Dan Stall. Look no further."

— Elaine Kennedy • Head of School, New Morning School

Detroit’s Zoological Society’s Sunset at the Zoo

"The rain predicted for the evening prompted some (300) ticket holders to stay home, and many of the remainder (1,350) toted rain gear, but Sunset at the Zoo got off to a comfy start…About the time Dan Stall was getting the live auction started, thunder began rolling in, and shortly there after, the auction was moved inside the main tent. Even so, folks bid $110,000 in the live auction. This includes $6,400 pledged for a Day at the Zoo sponsorships, the $5,000 two people each paid to name the zoo’s two new lionesses who were rescued from ramshackle quarters in Kansas, and the $5,500 two people each paid for a fall hayride and twilight zoo tour for 12".

— The Birmingham • Bloomfield PAPER (Social Lights)

CRUSH is smashing success…

"You know you have a good thing going when the major sponsors of your inaugural event immediately sign on to support its successor.And that one is only eight months away. Such is the case with CRUSH BIRMINGHAM, the wine and food classic that raised more than $220,000 for the Children’s Leukemia Foundation. It attracted more than 400."

– The Birmingham • Bloomfield PAPER (Social Lights)

Reaching Higher

"Dan Stall has been such an asset to the Reaching Higher Auction for the past 4 years. He has helped us increase our auction sales substantially. He and his team are very professional, and are amazing to work with!"

— Terri Fratarcangeli • Development Director, Reaching Higher, Inc

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