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Your Event

Dan Stall’s Auction Team helps their clients host successful, memorable events at a wide range of venues, with varied themes.  Event staging, sound, and lighting is managed by Dan’s team.  

During events the auctioneer is staged on an elevated platform to help all bidders follow the action.  PowerPoint descriptions of items are displayed on multiple screens.  Four to six spotters are spaced throughout the venue to track bids, numbered bidder paddles are provided.  Two clerks track winning bidders and final bid amounts.  This ensures LL bidders gets prompt and professional attention.  

The key to attaining fundraising goals is to deliver an exciting, memorable event for all attendees. Experience confirms that successful live auctions include at least twenty items that for varied tastes and income levels.  Dan Stall mixes up the order of various items to keep all bidders interested.  No one is left out.  Everyone is excited and engaged by the fast moving action.

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